Regular event: Thursday Conversation Club

Tomorrow (29 January 2015) conversation club’s meeting is cancelled! Jutrzejsze (29.01.2015) spotkanie Klubu Konwersacji jest odwołane. Przepraszamy! Join us on Conversation Club. We meet every Thursday at 5 pm. It is free! You do not have to speak perfect English. However, it is not English lesson, but rather a meeting, that gather people who want… Read more »


Gaming Day

W sobotę 7 lutego zapraszamy do Centrum American Corner w BUŁ na Dzień Gier Planszowych. W godzinach 12:00-17:00 będzie można zagrać w jedną z wielu dostępnych u nas gier. Spotykamy się raz w miesiącu w sobotę. Zapraszamy zarówno grupy znajomych jak i rodziny. Nigdy nie grałeś? Nie szkodzi, wyjaśnimy zasady. Masz swoją ulubioną grę, a… Read more »


Meetings with U.S. history – The Marshall Plan

On 29 January American Corner was venue for the lecture by PhD Kamil Kowalski,  about the Marshall Plan. Mr Kowalski was talking about economic and political situation in Europe after the WWII. Our audience were students from 8 LO from Łódź.    


Play board games with us – the first American rails.

You can be like 19th century American pioneer and travel west in covered wagon or mark out trails for future rails. You should think of a good plan to win the game. The way is long and the time is limited. Today, students from Gimnazjum 21 visited us to play and learn about U.S. history… Read more »

U.S. map games

U.S. geography – map games

Lessons of U.S. geography can be fun! How to learn about US states? It is easy. The only thing you have to do is play “10 days in America” board game a few times. Interested in America first railway station scheme?  There is nothing more simpler. We invite you to play “Ticket to ride USA”… Read more »


Ask, answer, play

What is the difference between soccer and American football? Who was and what did Neil Amstrong? We asked children from 189 Primary School what they knew about U.S. After the quiz, there was time for some educational game. We played Dixit, Quirkle, Spot it, Jenga and Ticket to ride. The most favorite one appeared Dixt,… Read more »