Regular event: Thursday Conversation Club

Join us on Conversation Club. We meet every Thursday at 5 pm. It is free! You do not have to speak perfect English. However, it is not English lesson, but rather a meeting, that gather people who want to improve their English speaking skills with AC staff and Colin MacGregor from Fulbright. Every Thursday, 5pm.


Thanksgiving Day

This week American people celebrate Thanksgiving Day. During today’s lecture Colin McGregor explained to the group of students from High School in Sieradz why the Thanksgiving Day is so important. He was talking about its origins and how, the Thanksgiving Day, looks like.


Do you want to study in the United States?

On Tuesday, November 18, the group of students met with Mr. Colin MacGregor, a scholar from Fulbright Commission. Mr. MacGregor explained how to apply for graduate study in U.S. His lecture was  part of International Education Week. If you want to study in U.S., come to our American Corner. We provide guide books to most… Read more »

Theodore Roosevelt

Meetings with U.S. history : Theodore Roosevelt- his life and presidency

History lessons can be fun. Today’s lecture was a part of our regular Meetings with U.S. history. The lecture was run by Ms Magdalena Marczuk-Karbownik, Phd from The Department of Transatlantic and Media Studies UŁ. Our guests were students from High school No. 8 in Łódź. Have you known that according to an anecdote even… Read more »

Halloween world quiz

Halloween word quiz

Today is Halloween. Do you know the scary vocabulary? There are strange hats, vampires, sculls and coffins in the game. We invited children from the Niesułków Primary School to play with us Spot it Halloween game. Children learned some new and scary vocabulary. They had also a chance to tell their own story using beautiful… Read more »