Summer opening hours!

29.06.2015 – 1.08.2015 and 17.08.2015 – -29.08.2015 Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8am-3pm; Tuesday, Thursday 12am-4pm; 3.08.2015 – 14.08.2015 AC will be closed.    


Vietnam War – Meeting with historical reenactment group MACV SOG

Last Tuesday students from High School no. 8 from Łódź met with representatives of historical reenactment group MACV SOG. One of the main aim of the group is to honor all Vietnam Veteran especially SOG members. Students listened to the lecture about Vitenam War and  had also an opportunity to see some of the military… Read more »


Summertime board game playing

This time we have chosen more fun board games. Our guests from  primary school  had a good time just before the summertime.