Halloween word quiz

Today is Halloween. Do you know the scary vocabulary? There are strange hats, vampires, sculls and coffins in the game. We invited children from the Niesułków Primary School to play with us Spot it Halloween game. Children learned some new and scary vocabulary. They had also a chance to tell their own story using beautiful… Read more »


What is American?

Today we had guests from primary school from Niesułków. We checked their knowledge about United States. The quiz was really difficult but students coped with it easily. At the end of the meeting all he students got U.S. map  to expand their knowledge about U.S. geography.


Regular event: Thursday Conversation Club

Join us on Conversation Club. We meet every Thursday at 5 pm. It is free! You do not have to speak perfect English. However, it is not English lesson, but rather a meeting, that gather people who want to improve their English speaking skills with AC staff and Colin MacGregor from Fulbright. Every Thursday, 5pm.


Trip to Łask air base

Students from International and Political Studies at University of Lodz, Poland, visited 32nd Lask Air Base to meet with U.S. Airmen and see Polish and U.S. F-16s take-off and land. The visit was 4 hours long. At the beginning there was a brief by Polish and American officers. They had a presentation about the planes,… Read more »


Studying in the US- meeting with US Consul

Studying in the US- meeting with US Consul Branka Bell – about studying in the USA, visas, different opportunities for going to the USA like work& travel programs, au pair etc. High School students from different schools in Łódź (around 70 students) could learn about the visa process, different types of schools, how to apply… Read more »