Martin Luther King on Murals. Camilo Jose Vergara Photographs. March 31st/6.00 ppm

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Camilo José Vergara photographed murals of Martin Luther King while traveling around the U.S. in the years after the civil-rights leader’s assassination. The works combine iconic poses with the cultural sensibilities of the artist and the influence of the neighborhood in which the painting is located.

“Martin Luther King on Murals. Camilo Jose Vergara Photographs.”- The exhibition opens on March 31st and we warmly invite you to take part at the event.

March 31st/ (Friday)/6.00 pm

RKŚTiG, Traugutta 31/33

“For more than four decades photographer Camilo José Vergara has devoted himself to documenting history. His work—often focused on the poorest and most segregated communities in urban America—strives for objectivity and speaks directly about reality and how it changes over time“-TIME , July 2013.

During the opening ceremony our special guests will be:

Dr. Ewa Kleczaj Siara with her presentation: “Opposition and celebration” – Political discourse of African-American art”.

Nancy Rawles – an American novelist, playwright, lecturer at Seatle Central College, who currently, as American Fulbright specialist, cooperates with University of Technology and Humanity in Radom.