Words of the week – session time

Dear student! Are you a swot or lazybones?:) During session time, please visit the American Corner- cozy, comfortable space to learn and relax. We would like to wish you good luck in session time! Słówka tygodnia – sesja Drogi studencie! Jesteś typem kujona czy leniucha?:)  Podczas sesji odwiedź American Corner – przytulne, komfortowe miejsce do… Read more »


Hawaiian hula rhythms

Hawaiian hula rhythms performed by Wroclaw preschoolers #43. “Hula” means to light your inner fire, hula is a gift, that Hawaiians greatly respect, “Hula” is being exactly that what you dance about! Hawajskie rytmy hula       Hawajskie rytmy hula w wykonaniu wrocławskich przedszkolaków. „Hula” – to znaczy rozpalać wewnętrzny ogień, hula to dar,… Read more »


New Movies in AC Wroclaw

  We now have available new movies by the greatest American directors. We would like  to present  hits of 2013 and 2014: Philomena (act: Judi Dench, Steve Coogan), The Wolf of Wall Street (Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie), Saving Mr. Banks (Tom Hanks, Emma Thompson), The Men who built America, Capitan Philips (Tom Hanks), Hope Springs… Read more »

Fot. Kamila Wojciechowska

Hawaiian Hula Dance – Workshop with children from Primary School # 71

Dancing Hula, Hawaiian girlandas (lei), green bananas and sweet pineapples… Hawai – probably the best place for American Holiday. Children from Primary School #71 heard about Hawaiian traditions, beauty flora and fauna. To celebrate carnival, first we danced famous Hula dance. Later, we moved into the world of a fairy tale with the greatest travelers… Read more »


Library lessons for students from Kalisz High School

Last Thursday,  December 19 th, we had a library lesson with students from Kalisz High School. They answered many difficult questions about US and english vocabulary, for instance: Where the action was of Kevin home alone? What is the largest State in the United States of America? How you translate “mandarynka” and “piernik”? The meeting was hosted by… Read more »