Treasure Fall Hunters In America Corner

How can we recognize a tree by its leaves? Which ones are from the buttonwood and which are from the maple? What are the differences between acacia leaves and oak leaves? Where can we find natural monuments in wroclaw? What do these monuments mean? Children from primary school #71 answered these questions on November 5…. Read more »


America in the 60’s in American Corner

We would like to invite you for a presentation about America in the 60’son November 14 th, wchich will be present by student from Fulbright Program – Melissa Mott

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The Evening with Romania in American Corner

Last Thursday November 6 th We hosted a polish ambassador in  Romania –  Bogumił Luft  and a translator of  Romanian literature Radosława Janowska-Lascar. Our Guests presented two new books – the collection of reports “Rumun goni za happy endem” by ambassador and the contemporary novel “Matei Brunul” by writer of the young generation Luciani Dan… Read more »


Halloween workshops for students from Kostomłoty Primary School

Ghosts and goblins, witches on broomsticks, pumpkins, candy and spiderwebs… Halloween – probably every American  child’s favorite holiday. Friday’s workshops were led by our guest from Fulbright Program – Genevieve Campisano. Children heard about Halloween traditions in the USA and participated in competitions for carving the scarest faces in pumpkins. It was the most dificult… Read more »