Iza Klementowska – collection of reports “Samotnosc Portugalczyka”

At the last meeting of the series devoted to the history of European dictatorships, hosted in Wroclaw, reporter Iza Klementowska presented his latest book, a collection of reports titled “Samotnosc Porugalczyka.” The meeting was hosted by Marta Mizuro. Iza Klementowska – reporter and journalist (publishing in “Duży Format”, “Wysokie Obcasy Extra”, “Newsweek”, “Machina”, “Sukces”, “Bluszcz”… Read more »


Ogólnopolska Sesja Naukowa American Day

Zapraszamy 25 listopada o godz. 12.00 do udziału w Ogólnopolskiej Sesji Naukowej American Day. Organizatorami sesji są: Koło Naukowe Amerykanistów “Going West”, Kolegium MISHIS, Instytut Historii, Instytut Filologii Angielskim oraz American Corner.


Treasure Fall Hunters In America Corner

How can we recognize a tree by its leaves? Which ones are from the buttonwood and which are from the maple? What are the differences between acacia leaves and oak leaves? Where can we find natural monuments in wroclaw? What do these monuments mean? Children from primary school #71 answered these questions on November 5…. Read more »

Fot. Melissa Mott

America in the 60’s in American Corner

Last Friday, November 14th, our Fulbright fellow Melissa Mott, who came from New Jersey, talked to students from High School #8 about American culture in the 1960s. The students learned about the meaning of the national personification of the American government, including symbols like Uncle Sam and the icons of the Hollywood filmindustry. She also… Read more »