FLEX – Future Leaders Exchange

Departament Stanu oferuje w Polsce nowy program wymiany: FLEX (Future Leaders Exchange). Jest to program młodzieżowy dla uczniów szkół gimnazjalnych i ponadgimnazjalnych. W ramach FLEX uczniowie spędzają rok szkolny (2016-2017) w amerykańskiej szkole średniej i mieszkają z amerykańską rodziną. Wszystkie koszty pokrywa Departament Stanu USA. Celem programu jest promowanie wzajemnego szacunku i zrozumienia pomiędzy obywatelami Stanów Zjednoczonych… Read more »


Knowledge Quiz

It was the last event during the European Day of Languages. On 25th of September there was a general knowledge quiz at American Corner Wrocław. Quiz participants were able to answer most of the quite difficult questions and after one hour of competition we had a winner. Congratulations to all of the participants.   Quiz… Read more »


Windy Mad Inventors Club

The wind, the air and how to use power they produce – that was the main themes of the last Mad Inventors Club workshop. The science show about wind power blew us away. On 25th of September Mad Inventors Club conducted workshops for children from Primary School #71 and Nursery School ‘Columbus’ at American Corner… Read more »


Workshop about slang

Ain’t ain’t a word! We celebrated European Day of Languages again, this time with a workshop about slang. Slang is very informal, more common in speech and you are not going to learn slang at school…at least not during the lessons. On 24th of September American Corner hosted pupils from Lower Secondary Schools during the… Read more »


European Day of Languages

European Day of Languages, the initiative of the Council of Europe, has been celebrated every year since 2001 on 26 September. On 22nd of September American Corner hosted children from Primary School #109 and Primary School #23 during the workshop called “Tea with the Queen”. We learned about famous British custom of making and serving… Read more »