Summer break

Important announcement: American Corner is closing from 20th July until 27th August to undergo some renovation. Have a nice holiday and see you all in August back again after the summer break!   Przerwa wakacyjna    Ważna informacja: American Corner będzie nieczynny od 20 lipca do 24 sierpnia. W tym czasie będzie przeprowadzony remont pomieszczenia. Życzymy udanych wakacji… Read more »


Holiday by the ocean

Today we hosted children from summer play centre and we enjoyed our holiday themed workshop. We used puzzles and AccuCut to create holiday atmosphere. Children learned the names of the oceans around United States and the names of a sea creatures like octopus, starfish, seal and whale.   Wakacje nad oceanem    American Corner gościł… Read more »


Independence Day

Independence Day is one of the most important federal holiday in United States.  It is celebrated on the 4th of July, commemorating the adoption of Declaration of Independence in 1776. On Monday 6th of July we showed a documentary movie “The Founding of Nation: Benjamin Franklin” to commemorate this very important for Americans day.   Dzień… Read more »


Around the word in eighty days

Holiday, that we all waited for, has just begun. On this occasion we invited children from summer play centre for a great trip “Around the World in Eighty Days”. We used AccuCut to cut Statue of Liberty and create handcrafted cards. We also talked about long and wild expeditions to American continent. We wish all… Read more »


Happy birthday to American Corner

It’s been 9 years so far! American Corner is now officially 9 years old. We celebrated Corner’s birthday on 12th of June 2015. The party started with interesting presentation about National Parks in United States  by consul Colin Guard. Later audience had the opportunity to listen to American evergreens during the special concert „In American… Read more »