American Corner Gdańsk organizes a variety of events such as concerts, exhibitions, meetings with native speakers, etc. You can read about the current and past events here.


are to promote widely understood American culture and values. From culinary presentations to book clubs and discussions about American history, cultural programs build understanding and collaboration by sharing the rich and diverse traditions of the United States. Through organizing activities such as: exhibitions, concerts, artistic workshops, etc. – we foster people-to-people connections, increase understanding and respect with host-country audiences. Our cultural programs are also based on visual arts, sports, film, performing arts, as well as cross-cultural discussions, presentations, and round tables.

Our Goals

One of our goals is to facilitate ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNING. We do that by providing a free access to English language speakers, resources (eg. a prestigious online databases such as: E-library, Gale, Ebsco, etc.), computers, Internet and educational board games. English language programs are critical tool for engaging local audience, strengthen long-term relationships and offer desired skills to people of Gdańsk.

We promote U.S. higher education through EDUCATION USA advising by providing international students with accurate, comprehensive and current guidance on applying to U.S. colleges, academies and universities. Visit us, find out more!



We organize a variety of programs which provide information about the United States, strengthen relationships and increase mutual understanding between Poles and Americans. Taking part in our Info USA programs is a great chance to learn more about American history, culture, society and values. Our speakers who are often experienced professionals will provide you with accurate and compelling information about the USA.

Each year, thousands of citizens from countries around the word take part in exchange programs – U.S. government sponsored as well as privately funded. Currently there are no registered alumni in Gdańsk and its area. For many of these exchange program alumni, having American Spaces/American Corners in their areas serve to maintain their connection with the U.S. and give them opportunity to share with the local community the insights and experiences they acquired during their exchange programs in the U.S.