Gerard Edery & Małgorzata Pańko Treasures of Sephardic Songs

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Chamber concert in RKŚiG” Łaźnia“ was not only a great opportunity to learn about exotic Sephardic music, but also to get acquainted with the culture and its influence on the work of artists of the United States.

Gerard Edery is an outstanding singer, guitarist, composer and producer. His work is an incredible fusion of styles, cultures and inspiration which reveals new sounds and musical traditions from around the world.

Master of Sephardic songs appeared in a duet with an excellent mezzo-soprano Małgorzata Pańko.

Classic Sephardic songs captivated the audience and the artists thrilled by unique atmosphere and climate of the place promised to come back. Gerard Edery a master of Sephardic song visited Radom with his wonderful concert. Combining many cultures and musical traditions, the artist provided the audience with amazing emotions. His unique musical arrangements of classical, folk and popular songs from around the word created unforgettable experiences. Each song gave him an opportunity to explain how Sephardic culture affected European and American culture. The audience listening to his English words had a chance to practice their English skills, although the language of music has its own rules and it is clear to everyone no matter in which language the artist sings.